Rare are about to become a whole lot more valuable

Europe-nintendo.com writes "Rare were the stars of the 5th generation. Releasing the famous Donkey kong 64, Banjo kazooie and Banjo Kazooie tooie, and of course the legendary Goldeneye. They made millions on the Nintendo 64, however this tempted Microsoft as they entered the console wars. They were snapped up by Microsoft for a hefty $375 million, the most ever payed for a gaming studio. However since their purchase by Microsoft Rare haven't yet made a truly blockbuster game, either in terms of sales or reception.

Grabbed by the Ghoulies and Conker reloaded were the first two Xbox games Rare made while under Microsoft's rule, both of which barely scraped along the average mark and neither of which sold particularly well, and Grabbed by the Ghoulies was the biggest flop in Rare's history. Rare's mass appeal on the Nintendo 64 was the massive casual market. Although the Playstation dominated the scene, the Nintendo 64 still had millions of casual gamers, games such as Banjo Kazooie and Donkey kong are the sort of colourful games that appeal to these gamers. One of the reasons Rare have underperformed on the Xbox and Xbox 360 is probably due to the fact that the Gamecube and Playstation are more appealing to the casual gamers."

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PirateThom5434d ago

One of the reasons Rare have underperformed is because they have never made casual games.

Oh, and the fact they're a shadow of their former selves.

Adamalicious5434d ago

Yeah, I thought all their talent pretty much bailed when Microsoft bought them.

crimsonfox5434d ago

they let me down super crazy when they tried to re make conkers..it was better on 64

BWS19825434d ago

all left when Free Radical was formed. It's Rare, but then again, it's not, when you have such a substantial departure.

vhero5434d ago

yep as with most companys that get bought out there best members leave and form a new company when bought out which makes buying out usually pointless these days as you buy sequels but there usually crap as they never have the greatness of the originals.

Tomdc5433d ago

bit harsh guys! I dunno bout there history with N-64 cos I aint that old but I know banjo kazooie is a good game by them.

Besides the takeover of microsoft happened a a generation transition. It could be they stooped in quality due to the jump to the next platform rather than the microsoft takeover.

AuToFiRE5433d ago

Yeah those were the smart ones, its just like EA buying T2, all the good ones bail and start their own company

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ape0075434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

microsoft,bring back the original rare team and the 360 will be the greatest system of all time without a doubt,ms and nick borton knows that very well.

Omegasyde5434d ago

Most of the original rare team is spread throughout free radical and eidos.

They should let bungie take over Rare for restructuring.

Th3 Chr0nic5434d ago

Bungie and Microsoft just parted ways so why would MS let rare team with bungie

Th3 Chr0nic5434d ago

To summarize the article:
Rare used to be great then microsoft bought them and they havent done anything good since. They are still around and might make something awesome in the future.
End Summary

In closing: This can be said about almost any game studio that had some big hits but are still alive and kicking the crap out like a cow patty factory.

EndHawkstrike5434d ago

Why?Why Rare?Why you have betrayed BIG N?Nintendo fans are crying for your games,they want little cute pathetic games like viva pinata/liehard wannabe pokemonfather,Fatjoe & Babooie,and,and,and so for!Are you OK?Can you be normaly please?Can you die please?Micromof can close your plastic studio,you know?

PirateThom5434d ago

Nintendo sold their stock in the company to Microsoft, as if they had predicted it was going to burst.

BlackRaven855434d ago

Exactly, they would have closed it down.

Adamalicious5434d ago

What are you talking about? If you're insinuating that blogs are somehow against the submission guidelines then you need to stop drinking the N4G rumor-mill kool-aid.

whothedog5434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

no I'm "insinuating" that a blog that states the obvious by a random person doesn't need to be "news", I read a pointless article is what I'm getting at. and Didn't the rules say blogs by no one important is not really considered news sooo...