Capcom Is Killing It

WTMG's Jordan Hawes: "While Capcom may not have had a killer E3 2019 since they didn’t really have a new game to show, what it let me know is that they are still going strong. Continuing with the success of porting their series to Nintendo Switch; Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6, and Devil May Cry HD are making their way to the Switch. They are also supporting one of their biggest titles, Monster Hunter World, with a massive DLC update that is as large as the original base game. I was able to get my hands on a couple of these titles as well as a couple missions of the new Iceborne expansion."

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DaDrunkenJester658d ago

That and a Dino Crisis remake would make me sooooo happy.

mav805658d ago

Where's Dragon's Dogma 2?

DaDrunkenJester658d ago

I think they may have held back a bit this e3 like most developers/publishers since it's too early to show their next gen stuff.

Hardiman658d ago

I'm playing through the Dark Arisen Remaster now and I can just imagine what Dragons Dogma 2 would be like. Especially if it winds up being a next gen title. It would be insane!

NeoGamer232658d ago

Capcom is doing well and they are being smart. They have some great games this generation. But their remasters were garbage and were there just to take advantage of gamers.

BadElf658d ago

No. No one is making you buy those Remasters. If you never played them, or if you want to play them again, its an option for you.

Come on now

Tross658d ago (Edited 658d ago )

I don't think they've all been bad, and I appreciate that Capcom has taken the time to port some of their older games over, which a lot of companies haven't done. There is certainly value in being able to play retro games on one's platform of choice, especially on modern systems as that ensures that said games aren't lost to time.
Capcom has had a decent flow of both old and new games in recent years, and I appreciate that.

Hardiman658d ago

Absolutely and it's a good way to judge interest in an IP. I'm playing through the Dark Arisen Remaster and it's pretty good. Hopefully we get a sequel one day.

Oh and I'd love for a modern Dino Crisis built with the RE Engine as well.

Tross658d ago

@Hardiman Holy...I'm just imagining that T-Rex in the same engine they used for REmake 2.

Hardiman658d ago

Having grown up playing so many great games that were produced or developed by Capcom and then the continued success they saw throughout the 90's and 00's, I'm glad to see them getting back to where they should be.

I just need a Dino Crisis remake, Onimishu and Dragons Dogma 2 to make the circle complete!

AK91657d ago

Street Fighter 6 should be announced soon as well.