Top 25 Reasons to Buy Gears of War 2

Stop debating whether you should play Gears of War 2. You know you want it.

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sonarus4054d ago

lol the game is such a flop they need 25 reasons just to convince us LMFAO:D

ape0074054d ago

lol sonarus

just tell me,are you a true gamer?

do you love games or love plastic and brand names,how old are you?

please give each attempt in the gaming world its credit,no matter what company develop it,if you can't do that,then you and all other fanboys need to check your local doctors

callahan094054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

I will admit that I don't like Chris Buffa, and I think he is a biased fanboy. He constantly goes out of his way to praise the 360 and its games, and he constantly gives PS3 games lower-than-the-average scores.


I just got Gears Of War 2 and I must say, I'm so far extremely underwhelmed. I did not play it offline yet, just online (Co-Op campaign). The graphics are pretty unimpressive to me, there's jaggies all over the place and the textures are not that highly detailed. The colors seem washed out and everything blends together in a sea of monotony. Going through the forests was a somewhat satisfying venture into a colorful world, but it was all-too brief and still basically monotone in color. The fact that the whole scenario was on rails really killed any intensity that it might've had. The brumaks were boring. As large as some of these enemies are, they just aren't scary at all. I was playing through on the hard-core difficulty and there was no threat of death from any of the gargantuans whatsoever. They give you an infinite ammo chain gun with the only limitation being that you have to stop firing every 20 seconds so it can cool down for a couple of seconds.

The weapons in this game are all cookie-cutter videogame weapons that you'll find in any old game (except for the chainsaw). The level design was boring to me, and I thought some of the voice acting was hammy and uninspired, and the writing seems forced and just a little bit begging for attention, as if to say "Hey! Look at me! I'm not as shallow as the original!"

And the lag and framerate drops while playing the online co-op were pretty annoying.

Full disclosure, it's not a bad game. But I was expecting something groundbreakingly awesome and vastly superior to the original. This game simply isn't that much "bigger," "better" or "more badass" than its predecessor.

I could go on and on, but really, what's the point. Everybody here is going to disagree with me. I just don't think the game is that great so far. It just isn't doing it for me.

I'll continue to play it and get my moneys worth, and re-evaluate it after I've tried out the Horde or competitive multiplayer... but, to all quality individuals who read my entire comment (and thus are still reading it) before disagreeing with me or responding to me, I am basing my judgment so far SOLELY on the campaign, and how people saying the campaign is so fantasic and so much better than its predecessor and other games currently on the market... well, I just don't see it, that's all.

In fact, I know I said I'll play it and get my moneys worth, but... damn, I just really have no desire to put this game back in my system when I've got Fallout 3 sitting on my shelf.

ape0074054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

1 reason to buy gears 2

cause it's drop dead gorgeous

easily a goty contender

4054d ago
Silellak4054d ago

2007 called, they want their criticism back.

Is it just me, or have the moderators completely given up on the Gamer Zone? Every article I see is swamped with fanboy words like "XBot" and, despite reporting the posts, they stick around.

N4G has never been the model of internet civility or anything, but the past few months it's gotten unbearable.

Pebz4054d ago

To be perfectly honest, I seriously doubt that the N4G staff wants to get rid of the fanboy crap, gamer zone or otherwise, it is a big source of hits after all.

I could be wrong of course, and they might actually care more about having a decent site than hits, but in that case they really need to get their act together.

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Mr PS34054d ago

Off to Get An elite Bundled with Gears 2
Oh Hang on i Got Resistance 2 in my PS3 !!
Who needs Gears 2
Silly BoTs
Resistance Craps on Gears 2 from a Great Hight

Firstkn1ghT4054d ago

I know a lot of losers are posting spoilers but honestly this game isn't about's about KICKING ASS!!!!!!! And that's why I'm buying this. Can't wait for Horde!

SeNiLe9114054d ago

Just can't get enough of it. Even after making it to wave 50, I want MORE!!!

PotNoodle4054d ago

Just don't buy it for the story development, buy it for the amazing "Please stop shooting me so i can admire my enviroment" moments.

shovelbum4053d ago

Gears 2 is a visual tour de force. After seeing all the crappy vids online I was beginning to question if it was Gears 1.5 but after playing it six hours nonstop; it's an amazing game. The story, graphics, and gameplay are all first rate. There is so much color this time around. It never ceases to amaze me how much better games are when you have great writers aboard. Graphics are wonderful but it's the combination with story that takes it up a notch. Anyone claiming that the graphics aren't improved have either never played gears or need to upgrade to HDTV. If that doesn't improve things, then maybe an optometrist cause you have issues. It's a beautiful game so get over yourself. As for R2 I own it as well and it's beautiful also. It'll hopefully get hours of gameplay unlike the first one which I never got into but not until I put Gears down and that'll be awhile from the looks of things.

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