GamesRadar: Rock Revolution Review

GamesRadar writes: "Rock Revolution's publisher Konami invented the modern rhythm action game. This is unquestionable. Even if you can somehow forget about Dance Dance Revolution, one look at Guitar Freaks and DrumMania/Percussion Freaks, both of which blasted into Japanese arcades clear back in 1999, is proof enough for even the most dim-witted denial artist. Unfortunately, that was a long time ago. Rock Revolution isn't merely not very good; it' so bad it might actually make you angry. It's actually strange that something so intent on copying the latest Rock Band and Guitar Hero formula - enabling players to "play" drums, guitar and bass like real rock stars - could be so much worse."

You'll love

* Decent song list
* Choosing different sounds in editor
* Playing just the guitar stuff

You'll hate

* The drum kit
* Song list is too short
* Half-baked recording mode

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