GTA V Casino DLC was supposed to feature Singleplayer

From GameWatcher: "GTA V is no slouch when it comes to content, but the new Diamond Casino & Resort DLC wasn't supposed to come out Online-only, but rather as a singleplayer story expansion, too.

This information comes via recent datamines, which point to substantial singleplayer expansions for GTA V, much like Ballad of Gay Tony was in the case of GTA IV. Of course, this never came to fruition, but it is interesting to think about."

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DaniMacYo631d ago (Edited 631d ago )

I thought so it just gave me Single Player vibes. It reminds me of Ballad of Gay Tony a bit. What a shame I don’t play multiplayer GTA V. I know their happier making the money and many enjoy online of this game. But I just love The Single Player portion of GTA V. I’m still bummed we never got DLC for the Story.

Suave_Langosta631d ago

Dude I know, online was cool back when it launched but now it’s just so so. I get a kick out of it for a few hours every couple of months but we have such a great single player game that has been neglected, it just sucks.

Just add all the content to single player and it would be like a brand new game, well at least the content that would work. Houses, cars, casino, low rider, ect.

Xaevi631d ago

GTA V ended up being such a disappointment for me. Not because the game was bad, cause it wasn't, but because of Rockstars online focus. They're doing the same with RDR, and it sucks to know they most likely won't release single player dlc for it

wwinterj631d ago (Edited 631d ago )

I mean DLC is well and good but GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 don't actually need it. All single player DLC would be is a added bonus. Providing R* keep making great single player games I honestly don't care what they do post launch. I hate the mentality that DLC is needed for every game these days or "it's such a disappointment".

SegaGamer631d ago

The problem is that they focus so much on online stuff now that it takes them years to release any new single player experiences. Before Red Dead Redemption 2 came out, they didn't release anything for 5 years. I agree with you that we don't need DLC for every game, but we have almost gone a full console generation without a new GTA. It doesn't need to be GTA 6, something like San Andreas would be nice.

Master of Unlocking630d ago (Edited 630d ago )

Seriously, at some point, hopefully much much later down the road, they'll probably shut off the online portion of GTA V Online one day. But if they don't allow people to have access to everything they bought in the online mode using tons of real cash buying those shark cards by somehow transfering it all to the single player portion of the game, I swear they might as well not bother releasing a GTA VI, cause people will be so mad they won't even buy it.

6 years in after its inception and we still can't drive those infamously expensive cars we bought in GTA Online in the story mode, or have access to that equally infamously expensive yacht, it's not normal. Rockstar have quite simply become the epitome of greed. They don't want us to be able to drive say, the Truffade Thrax in the story mode, because that could stop us from wanting it in the online part and spending cash on those shark cards to buy it in the game. It's that simple.

R* you guys are f*cking MULTI-BILLIONAIRES now with your game and damn shark cards! If you don't ever want to create dlc for the story mode, let us have access at the very least to everything we bought in GTA Online in the story mode as well, already!

badz149630d ago

that would take a very long time by looking at the trend. the game is still massively popular especially on consoles and is raking them millions per year. If I'm T2 and R* I wouldn't want this gravy train to stop. Star Citizen is doing it with a freaking Alpha/Beta of a game, GTAV is a full game.

now with PS5 and Scarlet are both confirmed to be BC with this gen's games, they will be keeping the server online for as long as they can.