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An extract from the WiiWare World review of Gameloft's Brain Challenge:

"If a WiiWare review can be judged on the sheer amount of notes taken then Brain Challenge deserves an award. We tried hard to fit everything on two sheets of A4 and still failed. While essentially being a copy-cat of Nintendo's immensely popular Brain Age games; Brain Challenge is a comprehensive package that should not be unfairly written off.

The game begins with a rather irritating sound bite and the appearance of a pretty face. Dr. Hurley, a blonde haired "yummy mummy" greets you depending on the time of your Wii clock and quickly moves on with some trivia and a general knowledge quiz. It has no bearing on the actual game and serves more as an ice breaker but it's clear from the realistic greeting and friendly tone that GameLoft wants you to feel like you are consulting with a real doctor whilst playing Brain Challenge. You'll even be able to select an alternative doctor later on, allowing the ladies to get some digital eye-candy in the form of Prof. Stevens. Both the doctors have distinctive personalities and while not being a major feature are fairly well executed.

The first thing the doctor wants you to do is to select a Mii profile and quickly complete a set of challenges, known as the "Daily Test". The "Daily Test" is broken up into a range of activities based upon several categories: logic, maths, memory, visual and focus. Each category has a number of activities designed to tune the focus of that group. For example, logic puzzles are based on completing shapes, maths puzzles will challenge you to finish equations and (a personal favourite) focus puzzles will test you on which ball bounces higher. There are variations on similar themes and while there are enough to keep you coming back it's doubtful the game will stay fresh for an extensive period of time. Regardless, the activities that are included are genuinely fun and difficult enough to get you thinking."

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