Boomshakalaka - We Need a New NBA Jam

Someone needs to tell EA to come on and slam, and welcome to the (NBA) jam. The current team rosters are perfect for a series revival.

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badboyz09492d ago

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is the New NBA Jam and it's Just as Good..

badboyz09492d ago

Your stuck in the past if you think not.The newer iterations of NBA Jam were meh. Than NBA Playgrounds came along and showed how circus B-ball in video-games were truly meant to be done. Which is why 2K ports scooped them up. Link below of comparison of the 2 games enjoy :)

nowitzki2004492d ago


I have played it, its trash lol.

Garnett69492d ago

Agreed..NBA K just rocks...Just love it