Random Gamer's First Impressions of Gears of War 2

Grundy The Man writes, "Gears of War 2 is one of the most highly hyped and publicized game releases of 2008. After preordering and eagerly anticipating the release for months, I was finally able to sit down and power through the first three quarters of the game. So far I'm blown away by all of the new innovations that have been brought to a game that has already once redefined the third person shooter genre.

When I played the original Gears of War, I didn't think that there was much room for visual improvements. Not only has Epic Games proved me wrong, they took it a step further, raising the bar for graphical fidelity and detail to almost unreachable heights. I was amazed to see that the grays and browns typically associated with the Unreal Engine have been replaced with lush blues and greens, painting the environment in a tapestry of realism that will be hard to match...."

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JimmyJames703632d ago

I am salivating for this game!

bgrundman3632d ago

That makes two of us. I am counting the minute until I can go home and finish it! :)

ammonator3632d ago

Same here, my only regret is too many plans this weekend that will prevent me from putting quality time into it until Sunday.

bgrundman3632d ago

I am MAKING time to finish it tonight. :)

borgome3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Man your gonna jump all over this game like a fat kid on a smartie eh? I however like savor my food as well as my games. I will take my time, but I will as always finish the game 3 times, once on each difficulty setting. Pumped!

bgrundman3632d ago

The way I played the first gears is to hammer through it the first time through for review on normal, then amp it up to insane (which is unlocked after completing it in normal mode) and play it solo on insane, then I play it in coop with my wife on insane...

I have this well planned out. As you can see I have been too excited about this game for far too long.

borgome3632d ago

That's awesome that your wife will play with you on insane.

JimmyJames703632d ago

My wife will barely use the 360 to watch DVDs and won't even think about playing games on it, which I guess is kinda good that I don't have to compete with her to use it, but it would be kinda cool if she played coop.

bgrundman3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

I have to say that I am a pretty lucky guy. Not only does my wife play Gears of War with me in Coop, but she has played through all three halos and we have completed both Halo 2 and 3 in Legendary Coop. She is quite the gal... plus, she is even a good cook, so I am set for life! ;)

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killyourfm3632d ago

I can't BELIEVE what they have done with the Unreal Engine this time around.

bgrundman3632d ago

Did you notice that there is no longer pop-in? Textures all fade in now... It is much less distracting.

bgrundman3632d ago

I am so glad that I preordered this game. IT IS AMAZING!!!

CrAppleton3631d ago

Hell yeah man! Gears two rocks, love the article! Best game I've played in a while!