6 Best Games Within Games Because Developers Heard You Like Games so They Put Games in Your Game

Andrew writes:

"Some video games are so good, that they even have amazing titles within them. Here are six of the best examples of games within games."

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Tross795d ago

No love for Triple Triad from Final Fantasy VIII? Lol. Good list though. I also remember really liking that arcade game in Catherine, and hope Full Body includes it too. Granted, it might be a bit too similar to the main game to top any lists.

Abnor_Mal795d ago

I think it was knowing I would have to play Gwent multiple times whilst playing the Witcher3 caused me to lose interest for this game. That and since I was just at the beginning of the game and maybe not paying attention, I did not know where to go to repair my sword after the fight with the "thing" in the well.

Keep hearing very good things about this game, so I'm going to have to give it another go and pay attention.

Can you skip the Gwent sections, or is the game built into the storyline and no way around?

SyntheticForm795d ago

You can totally ignore Gwent if you want, and you won't be missing anything. Witcher 3 takes a minute to find its footing because your repair bills in the beginning are tough and it can be discouraging. Make use of bombs, potions, and study the skill trees carefully.

I initially stopped playing, but then I forced myself to go back. Well, I kept at it and kept enjoying it. Things are rough in the beginning, but if you keep playing you'll be rewarded with a great story and experience overall.

Abnor_Mal795d ago

@SyntheticForm thanks for the information and advice. I really do want to play the Witcher3 but was under the false impression that the Gwent sections were some how integral to the story or gameplay somehow and were non skippable.

Goodkush795d ago

Blitzball ffx for the win!!

rainslacker794d ago

Surprised they never made a stand alone blitzball game with more fluid game play

slasaru01794d ago

don't mention it. i bloody hated it. should it be not mandatory to play, could be another story

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