Sixteen New Screenshots for Resistance 2 (No More To Come)

Now that Resistance 2 (PS3) has been released in North America, Gamespot have released sixteen new screenshots for the game...

Check them all out at the link below.

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dude_uk4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

these look horrible...

only the first two look jaw-dropping and the one in the theater.......
but the rest.....not a tiny bit compared to how the beta was....

Socom4045d ago

Valkyria Chronicles

Mr Fancy Pants4045d ago

because only the first two pics are from the campaign the rest are from the 8p co-op.

BTW i'm playing R2 right now and it's epic and the graphics are really good, specially the water(it doesn't react like real water but still looks good)!!! this game is highly recommended!!!! the campaign is awesome and the co-op is insane! the competitive is even better then one from R1.

R2 is so addicted that i have been playing it since this morning. almost 12 hours straight and running. ;-)

DJ4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

And it's FREAKY. Just paused the game, 'cause there's about 100 enemies charging me in an auditorium. o_o'

BTW, i don't know how gamespot took these photos, 'cause they're 480 resolution, stretched out, and don't match (in terms of visual quality) the exact level i'm playing right now.

Ju4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Yeah, these guys are tough.. :) I got an easy solution for that problem, though.

All these screenshots can't do justice to that game. Every still frame simply cannot capture the scope of those scenes.

e.g. I wasn't impressed by the big guy (first shot) when I saw those screen shots. But what you don't see is, that the whole city is still there! If you actually take the time - when you can after you kill all those bad guys - and take a look around, you can see how huge those environments are.

ThanatosDMC4045d ago

Was it nerve wrecking for you not to destroy those cocoons?

What did you do inside the tunnels? I ran my butt to the other side as fast as possible. Screw fighting them in the dark with a flashlight.

Nitrowolf24045d ago

Ok i need to ask this i know i might get allot of disagree and possibly loose bubbles for this but has anyone notice how the graphis in splitscreen co-op are allot of worse then Single player? I mean they are allot worse i just tried and im praying it was my buddy T.V.. But i want to know why is that?

DJ4045d ago

Instead of rasterizing for one camera's worth of information, you have to rasterize two. And while this isn't a problem if both players in the exact same area, looking at the exact same spot, the engine has to accomodate for the possibility of the two cameras (players) being split up.

This ends up making the engine work twice as hard during the initial stages of frame setups, and thus lowered graphical quality across the board. The degree to which this happens depends on each engine/title.

Ju4045d ago

More then that. You have two cameras, means you need to do all vertex transformations twice. Rasterizer, too, but here at least you can save some cycles by dividing the resolution in half (means, pixel fill rate can be compensated a bit, but still needs to render 2x). But nonetheless, split screen is like running two games on one HW.

Nitrowolf24045d ago

thx guys for making that much better t2 understand

4045d ago
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