Dark Knight to break Blu-ray shipping record

Warner Home Video's The Dark Knight is expected to ship more than 1 million Blu-ray Disc units to retail for its Dec. 9 street date, according to sources, which is believed to be a first for the format.

Earlier in the quarter, Paramount Home Entertainment said its Iron Man sold 500,000 Blu-ray copies in its first week on shelves, but it's unclear how many units the studio shipped.

Both titles underscore how far the format has come in a short period of time: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment set a record in March 2007 when it became the first studio to ship 100,000 Blu-ray copies of a title, Casino Royale.

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arika4050d ago

i'm so going to own this one... can't wait!

The Killer4050d ago

deserves every sale/success it can get! with no doubt it will be the highest blue ray movie seller to date and maybe even will outsell all DVD greatest sale for this year!!

and guess what??? u can watch it on only PS3 from the current console generation!

SaiyanFury4050d ago

Well that's what happens when you make a kick @ss movie. You get sales. And with BD sales on the rise you can bank this one will sell tonnes.

bigshynepo4050d ago

I think we will see alot of pack-ins with this blu-ray and player sales. Not to mention most blu-ray owners will be buying this one first week (for themselves or to give at christmas time).

I hope that the transfer and sound is top notch, the public needs a blockbuster title to push blu-ray advantages to joe sixpack (or the plumber ^_^) over the holiday season.

This title, coupled with the 25 million dollar marketing budget for the BDA and this holiday should make a serious impact on new player sales and attach rates.

ThanatosDMC4049d ago

I cant wait to see freaky Joker on the Bravia.

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Nitrowolf24050d ago

i know what i will be getting soon

Danja4050d ago

same here dude...I think Sony should seriously have a Dark Knight Bundle this christmas....

Fox014050d ago

Off course, you have no game to play.

Nitrowolf24050d ago

No game to play? So because i wanna buy a movie that mean i have no games to play huh?
I have plenty to play i just choose not to play right now.

Danja4050d ago

I didn't know gamers weren't allowed to watch movies also..?

@Fox - im sure you dont spend every single day of ur life playing games ?...I hope not ne ways...that would be just sad...!!:(

Omegasyde4050d ago

He never has anything to contribute to this zone besides lies and anti-ps3 trolling material.

Look at his history Mods.

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Pennywise4050d ago

My first Bluray movie purchase.

Omegasyde4050d ago

You should really pick up "300", Iron Man, Transformers, and enchanted.

These movies really show off what blu-ray can do.

Honorable Mention: Little Nemo (I can't find it in stores)

Tarasque4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

Do not, I REPEAT DO NOT pick up 300 on blu ray the transfer is awful. For video purposes Speed Racer is the best as it gets right now picture quality that is, but the audio is lacking. But i will pick batman up on blu ray when it gets as cheap as the dvd version.

ThatArtGuy4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

As for PQ, the best ones without a doubt are the two Pixar movies (Cars and Ratatouille) and for live action is Casino Royale, Iron Man, and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (I only care for the first one).

psnDevistator3564049d ago

Get Kung Fu Panda. Great animation on the lines of pixar.

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BrunoM4050d ago

il be geting these one to be next to all the matrix movies and iron man
its a must buy ...

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The story is too old to be commented.