Resident Evil Wii new screenshots and video

Capcom has released some new screenshots and a video of Resident Evil GameCube port on the Wii showing zombies creatures. The game is due for release on December 25 in Japan.

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ChickeyCantor3631d ago

So that would be her cry if she had a god such an emotionless girl jill is.

Also WTF capcom? Why "port" this.

ArtisianDragon3630d ago

Well Sidar we all know that the Wii is become the port machine, with a few great games that are not ports :/ Sadly though it gives the developers a chance to port and allow people the chance to play with new 'refined' controls of the wii-mote and perhaps utilizing the perfect shot or what not.

ChickeyCantor3630d ago

I don't mind ports, inorder to give a game new life...but holy crap, this is a port from the GCN wich is a port from the PS1...
>_> the IR isn't even being used here

ArtisianDragon3630d ago

I don't either, in fact some I welcome since I never got to play them on the GC (or PSX in this case either.) Never mind then just never mind I thought the IR was being used. :p

Lord Anubis3630d ago

lol sidar that was my first reaction as well. It sounded like she was having an orgasmic experience.

joemayo763630d ago

capcom better add some extra modes if they plan to charge $30 for this game, as theres a crap load of new and used copies at my local blockbuster for 14.99 and 9.99

ChickeyCantor3630d ago

IR is....Google is your friend -_-....

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jorgeanaya0003630d ago

Is motion or IR going to be used at all for this game? I've played this game to death and if I wanted to play it I could borrow from a neighbor. The graphics haven't changed at all.

TheROsingleB3630d ago

I was really hoping to see something worth-while or NEW but really, this is a pretty useless post...

Doppy3630d ago

Well the lighting and the environments look good, but the character models look like a$$. It's like their ripped from the PS1.

Doppy3627d ago

The video look better than the screenshots, but it still looks last gen.

Counter_ACT3630d ago

Wow that video was worth releasing.

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The story is too old to be commented.