Turn-based strategy RPG Tears of Avia announced for Xbox One, PC

Tears of Avia is coming to Xbox One and PC.

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knickstr379d ago

Quickest way to kill a turn based rpg is to release it on the xbox one only. Would be better to release on the switch and PS4 as well.

knickstr379d ago

Not really hating it's just the way it is. Most people that get an xbox get them for the shooters, racers, and action adventure games. How many JRPGs are successful as exclusives for xbox?

Vasto379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

/agree and I correct me if I am wrong but it says Xbox and PC.

DiRtY379d ago

2nd comment, first hater.

harmny379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

Microsoft probably payed them. So what's the problem. They've already made money

harmny379d ago

well if they didnt pay them. then the game is basically a PC game ported to xbox

NarutoFox379d ago

At least it will be on PC

Vits379d ago

While I agree that it would make sense for having this game on the Switch (not really sure about PS4). The developer can't just do it right now as this is as Indie as Indie goes. They are a 6 man team (being only one programmer) that are working on the game in their spare time for the last 4 years. Their funding as far as we know is only $313/month that they get through Patreon.

And to be honest the fact that there is a console version at all is surprising. As the game was being made for PC and Mac originally.

AngelicIceDiamond379d ago

MS preview program and ease of access to developmental tools, Play Anywhere and perhaps gamepass. There's virtually no strenuous hurdles. As I said gamepass probably give them a bigger exposure if anyone wants to try out the game,

gam3r_4_lif3379d ago

In that you dont have an xbox how would you know what most people get them for?

timotim379d ago

It clearly says Xbox AND PC...the quickest way to show you're a hater is to leave out important info just to attempt to make a weak argument.

RedDevils379d ago

Xbox owner don't buy JRPG. Just watch.

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Vithar379d ago

Im interested, looks neat

Trueflames379d ago

Like the sound of this one