Why the PSP is the key to Sony's future

Cnet has been tough on Sony over the past year for the mistakes I think it has committed with the Playstation 3. I'm a firm believer that Sony should bring the price of its console down and drop the price of Blu-ray players to make its format more appealing to consumers.

But just because I believe that, it doesn't mean that there isn't any hope for Sony to turn things around. And I still believe that there's no debating that the Playstation 3 is probably one of the most capable devices on the market. But if Sony really wants to reach a position of dominance in the video game industry again and make people realize that it's offering a fine alternative to other products in the market, it needs to tie its future to the PSP.

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kittoo4045d ago

Are they trying to repair the damage they caused by being biased?

Dragunov4045d ago

They are suggesting that sony must put more effort on PSP and leave the open field for the 360.

sinncross4045d ago

Personally more connectiton ability between the two would be awesome.

i dont see why remote play shudnt allow ppl to transfer the PSP OS to their TV's instead of merely just the PS3 OS to the PSP.

Even the new ad hoc play party to play PSP titles online via the PS3, should not be an app at all, but via remote play - maybe the remote play functionality im referring to isn't working which is why they've found other ways to do it. Regardless a relationship between the two is vital.. it also helps PS3 customers think about buying a PSP and vice versa. I wonder if Sony really have this sort of relationship between their products at heart... i think it would be a viable move.