Loot Ninja Review: Socom: Confrontation (PS3)

The Socom franchise was an integral piece in the development of tactical shooters ever since it first graced the PS2 all those years ago. Furthermore, it has expanded to an important exclusive title for Sony and gamers have waited patiently for the first iteration in the next generation. Rivals like Ghost Recon and Rainbow 6 have made the transition very smoothly; has Socom done the same? While the game has amazing potential, gamers are left wanting more and will have to wait a little longer before all the bugs are fixed.

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Darkseider3685d ago

Not a bad review. Honest but scores a little lower than I would give it. In any case still better than the thrashing IGN gave it.

faisdotal3685d ago

Fully C/S with the review.

SOCOM has been around for too long though. M.A.G will re-create a new cult of gamers like SOCOM did and people will love Zipper for that. The franchise doesn't need milking. BRING ON M.A.G!

taz80803685d ago

Shame to see SOCOM dip so low. It used ot be a monster back in the day.

LevDog3685d ago

Personally I wouldnt pay attention to these reviews.. IF you were a fan of Socom 2.. This is the closest you will get to that same feeling.. The servers issues are getting fixed.. They are releasing another patch soon.. Other than the Server issues and missing clan support.. THe game is amazing.. Its Socom.. Plain and simple.. The intense battles you remember from Soc 2 are still there.. Most of the bad reviews werent fans of Socom 1 and 2.. So they mark it down for the server problems..

A fan of socom reviewed it and it got 8.5.. But even he marked it down a bit for server and missing clan support..

byeGollum3685d ago

you must be a moron if reviews decided your purchase of a game ... end off

James Vanderbeek3684d ago

i would give it a 9.. And i am new to the socom world.

greyishfox3684d ago

It's a shame to see a great franchise fall apart like that.