Remedy Boss Still Wants to Make Alan Wake 2

Famed writer Sam Lake says he still hopes to make an Alan Wake sequel.

lxeasy1405d ago

well now they can, now that they own the IP

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Tech51405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

"Sam Lake says he still hopes to make an Alan Wake sequel."
Alan wake yes. American Nightmare no.
the DLC was not that bad but base game was much better. better objectives, story, and location.

darthv721405d ago

Alan Wake deserves a sequel or at the very least a remake on the level of SotC quality.

LordJamar1404d ago

They need a publisher I believe

Petebloodyonion1404d ago

Ms was never against a sequel to Alan Wake.
Sam Lake has been vocal for years about the need to come with the right story for a sequel.

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BLizardXD1405d ago

"Remedy Boss Still Wants to Make Alan Wake 2"

I hope they put a lot of inspiration and thought into it. if they do go through with it.
a next gen version of the sequel would be amazing.

Hardiman1405d ago

Such a great game! I loved the setting (absolutely love the Pacific Northwest) the characters and atmosphere. It felt like I was playing through one of Stephen Kings stories.

I'd be down for a sequel and hope that one day it come soon to fruition.

deno1405d ago

I cannot agree enough with you. The story, characters, environment, mechanics, weapons, enemies and excellent weather changes made for one of the best games last Gen. It's in my top 10 from last Gen.

SheenuTheLegend1404d ago

For other People it was Halo, Gears and Forza that defined the xbox. For me it was Alan Wake.

Hardiman1404d ago

@deno absolutely and it is one of my favorites from last gen. It and TLOU were my top two favorites.

@SheenuTheLegend I feel the same way. In fact I wish Xbox had more games like Alan Wake. That's to say not all supernatural horror but just that level of quality overall and the focus on a solid narrative with great characters.

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