Loot Ninja Review: Fable II

Fable II is the obvious sequel to the original Fable title and does some nice things to build upon the original's success, but does have a few shortcomings. The world of Albion in Fable is one where you can influence change by being good or evil and making decent or unjust decisions. As the main hero of the tale, you begin as a child with your sister and a series of events unfold that quickly lead you down a path of vengeance.

For the first hour of gameplay and development, you are cast as a child and you are already embarking on small quests which will help to shape both you and the town's futures. Once you have left your childhood behind you, it is time to work on becoming a full-fledged hero and every move you make, person you speak to, job you take and even food you eat have some type of bearing on your character.

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taz80804048d ago

Fable II provided an intereting game but really does not keep you hooked in. The game is rather short and the side quests are un-necessary.

taz80804048d ago

I think it did not live up to the hype.

greyishfox4048d ago

Lots of games beat this to the market regarding morality choices. I think this game drove deeper into life choices. And Fallout 3 probably beat this out for side quests.