The Future of Crash Bandicoot

Jacob writes - "Nitro Fuelled may be less than a month old, but let’s look beyond that and to the future by considering what the next Crash project should be. One option is another remaster."

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FallenAngel1984917d ago

“One option is another remaster. It would mark the fifth Crash remaster in a row”

They’re remakes not remasters

Inzo916d ago

Well it is Activision so loot boxes and MT's are definitely in Crash's future.
$20 for Aku Aku, an extra $10 to be able to edit the feathers.
$15 for Crash to be able to double jump.
$10 for Crash to have a shadow.
$10 to edit Crash's shoe laces.

agent13916d ago

nsane trilogy and ctr nitro fuled sales proved that crash is still extremely popular, activision should use this opportunity and make a good new crash game

Applejack916d ago

I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to remake Crash Bash next just to stay on the safe side. I would rather they make a Crash 4 instead.