Fans are working on a Dino Crisis Remake in Unreal Engine 4 and here is the first footage from it

DSOGaming writes: "Dino Crisis fans, here is something special for you today. Team Arklay is currently working on a fan remake of the first Dino Crisis game in Unreal Engine 4. As with all such fan remakes, this Dino Crisis Remake will be made available for free once – and if – it ever reaches a playable state."

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Ratchet751415d ago

Really impressive. 👏👏👏

DaDrunkenJester1415d ago

They'll likely get shut down, but I'd love for Capcom to remake Dino Crisis like they did with RE2

Prince-Ali1415d ago

Doubt it.. It was ALWAYS clear that capcom never cared about Dino Crisis... Res was always a love affair

DaDrunkenJester1415d ago

True, just one of my wishlist things.

DarXyde1415d ago

To me, at this time, Dino Crisis would be a bit redundant when we have Resident Evil.

If they do enough to differentiate it and make it its own thing, I think it could have a great resurgence.

Prince-Ali1413d ago


Yeah I can dig it... it's so upsetting because Dino Crisis 1 was great!

CrimsonWing691415d ago

Well, like RE2 this could lead to a remake.

warriorcase1415d ago

Fans are working on a cool tech demo to showcase their ability for their portfolio.

Seems monthly we get someone make something in unreal engine and it's labed as "someone is making a remake" and they never reach the light of day.

DaDrunkenJester1415d ago

Because they're making remakes of a licensed copyrighted IP. A very small handful have ever gotten the okay to be released.

warriorcase1415d ago

I know, I didn't properly get my point across but that's what I was getting at. There's a ton of unreal engine portoflio work that artist and designers do for showcases and people see them and say "Fan remake" when it's not, and those that are, as you said it's a copyright and IP law issue.

you can find just googling:
- "Someone is recreating Star Wars: Dark Forces... in Unreal Engine 4"
- "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Lost Woods remake in Unreal Engine 4"
- "Star Wars Episode 1: Racer remake in Unreal Engine 4 "
-"Someone is working on a Silent Hill 2 first-person remake in Unreal Engine 4"