‘Like Xbox Live Gold’, Google Stadia Sounds Worse And Worse Every Day

Google Stadia continues to be one of the great mysteries in gaming, and even if the tech giant is throwing its full weight behind it, it’s not clear if it’s going to be the next Gmail or the next Google Glass.

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Fluttershy77799d ago

All these articles trying to kill stadia before release. If it is a bad service, it will be a bad service: who cares?! You didn't hear people bashing Now, months before release (they do now because it kind of sucks); and no one is talking sht about MS stream service either.
We'll see. I think Google has offered very good products in the Past (with some that were failures of course) but there's good reason to be excited.
Maybe is not for you but I feel I am their main target. I have very good reasons to believe that's gonna work fine for me so I'm interested.

RSKnight798d ago

So far I'm in the same line of thinking as this and all other articles, that I don't have the least idea of who is Stadia for. But since you say that you feel to be the main target, can you tell us what kind of gamer are you, or why you think Stadia is for you? Honest question, I want to know and better understand Stadia.

agent4532797d ago

Is Google Stadia like Xbox game pass or not?

rainslacker798d ago

"You didn't hear people bashing Now, months before release"

Ummm...yes we did. Constantly. Saying how it sucked. How Sony was getting out of the console market. How it was going to be the future. Same nonsense arguments, different group of people making them. It's why most Sony fans now just say that the whole idea of streaming is not going to go that far that quickly, because we have the service, and we've seen how it's played out. Same thing with cross buy, cross play, and any number of other services or features Sony has been first to market with, and it never became the big thing that some people make stuff out to be now.

And no. PSNow does not suck. One's experience is just highly dependant on their ISP or net access. Same as it's going to be with all the other services out there, and if people have a problem with lag on PSNow, they're going to have a problem with lag on these new services, since the vast majority of a person's network lag happens before it ever leaves their ISP's servers to make it to the wider internet. Half of it is before it even leaves the local network.

Obscure_Observer798d ago


"And no. PSNow does not suck. One's experience is just highly dependant on their ISP or net access. Same as it's going to be with all the other services out there, and if people have a problem with lag on PSNow, they're going to have a problem with lag on these new services, since the vast majority of a person's network lag happens before it ever leaves their ISP's servers to make it to the wider internet. Half of it is before it even leaves the local network."

Is that so? You´re aware that DF will provide us plenty of tech comparissons between Stadia, Now and Xcloud. I doubt those services will turn out to be in the same league.

gamer7804798d ago

between stadia, psnow and xcloud, xcloud is going to be the clear winner. stadia and xcloud will perform the same, but xcloud will be on a system where you can also download and buy physical games. Furthermore it looks like game saves will sync up so if you unsubscribe you won't lose your game and progress. PSNow has several issues it will have to address, one is performance, this is speculation but its highly likely that stadia and xcloud will perform better. Also PSnow is missing an entire generation of games that you can download and play, ps3 games

rainslacker798d ago


Good on DF. DF doesn't run my ISP or my connection, and while they can simulate such things, it's pretty common sense that if one's network is laggy, their game streaming experience will be laggy. PSNow works perfectly fine if one's internet connection is reasonably lag free.


On the server side, I'd say xCloud will probably be the most efficient. Google can potentially lower some lag because they do own several key internet backbones they could leverage, although it would require that net neutrality stay inactive or they could face potential legal issues. Otherwise, MS and Google can't fix ISP's networks, or people's internal networks on their own. ISP's tend to not care about people's laggy internet, and most people don't really care beyond their download rate, which isn't as important.

agent4532797d ago

Correct me if I am wrong but Xbox game pass you download the game or stream it. Is PS Now available on PC???

Obscure_Observer797d ago


DF will let us know which service is the best and which one is the worst. How PS Now run at your home is irrelevant since i´m talking about comparisson between those services and i don´t think you had the chance to made a direct comparission of your own with the propper tech yet.

rainslacker797d ago


Game Pass is currently download only. XCloud will be their streaming service. It hasn't released yet, and MS hasn't made any plans known about if it will be tied to game pass, but I suspect it will be a type of add on service for Game Pass so you can play game pass anywhere. Pure speculation on my part.

PSNow can be used on PC, ,but only the streaming part.


I know what you were talking about. You were using DF to say they would tell us what is the best, and that has nothing to do with my point that it doesn't matter how good the servers or service is, a person's own personal network and the amount of lag introduced before it ever leaves their local server cluster is going to have more of an impact on the actual delivery of any of the services regardless of quality.

I couldn't care less if Google could deliver the power of 1000 consoles to a single game and make it run at 64K resolution, 240fps, on a VR headset with a separate render for each eye, even if my ISP could deliver that bandwidth, if my actual network couldn't manage a decent lag free environment.

Basically, the quality of one's experience is going to be highly dependent on factors well outside their control and it doesn't matter what DF tests to tell people what is better or not. Some people won't have problems with any of them. Like I can run PSNow just fine in my home or office as of now. I'm sure xCloud or Stadia will be the same. I head over to my cousins house, and he has crap routers from his ISP, and I have a bad experience on all three.

That's just something DF can't test or account for across the board, and it's why people will just have to try it for themselves if they're interested. The downside is, for every bad experience, it just makes it harder for them to get people on board later, because first impressions are important.

Master of Unlocking796d ago (Edited 796d ago )

What "ISP servers"? You make it sound like there is a valid reason for us to be charged XX $/€/month to have internet in our homes, when all the infrastructures in the towns/cities/villages are funded with our taxpayers' money. I 'm eligible for fiber internet, it comes right here in my street, yet I don't have it because I would have to pay my ISP even more than I do now, each and every single month, when I (and many others of course) paid for it in the first place. I should only have to buy some 15-20-25$/€ internet box once, and pay for the electrician to make the fiber come from my street to my house and I should be all set, no more monthly fee to pay anymore, but noooo, of course not, gotta pay some stranger so I can access my own internet installed with my goddamn taxpayer's money, FFS, it pisses me off...

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PhantomS42798d ago

The articles don't need to kill the Stadia. The thing is doing a fine enough job killing itself. If you want to stick your fingers in your ears and yell "lalala" instead of reading the facts then that is your problem when you buy the "console killing glory of Stadia" and you are disappointed don't go crying on internet forums. It's like dating someone with the red flags are clear and present and all your friends and telling you not too. The fault lies with you after that point.

S2Killinit798d ago

I think the real issue is that google/amazon/apple/tencent really dont have any connections to this industry except that they have money. I hope they all fail miserably. I cant imagine how terrible they will make the industry if they get a foothold.

Slowbro798d ago

Both now and MS have been heavily criticized

Tross798d ago

The thing with those other services is that the systems they're available on can do other things besides run those services. If you don't like those services, you can opt not to pay for them and still get a lot of enjoyment out of those systems. If you buy a Stadia, you're committing yourself to that service, because without it, you just have an expensive paperweight. Moreover, Google is making you buy the games on top of paying for the service, which will not get you ownership of the game as it won't work unless you are connected to the internet and continue paying for that service. Other concerns like the insane bandwidth it will require and on top of that, the lack of exclusives, really do make me wonder who would be interested in that?

devind798d ago

Im with you. I get 1000/1000 and preordered. I make no assumptions. I'm trying it before I get in my feels.

mogwaii798d ago

A LOT of people care. Why are you so emotional and defensive of a mega corporation that does not care about you?

798d ago
memots798d ago

I can do everything stradia does with a Nvidia Shield on the TV + i can use my own Pc with steam to stream on that Shield. Stadia is literally offering nothing.

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bluefox755798d ago

Google is an awful company, and Stadia sounds like an awful product.

SephirothX21798d ago

In your opinion. How is MS or Sony better? I'm a PlayStation fan btw but not a fanboy. I only play on PC and PS4 but as a developer, Stadia would solve a lot of issues if the latency is acceptable and there will be solutions for latency on the client side ( I'm working on one). I personally like chrome, YouTube, Gmail, Google drive and search and I don't pay a cent for any of them. People are hating on this because they are fanboys. Otherwise why hate so much? It's out of fear because you know Stadia has potential and you're afraid your platforms will suffer. Sony and Microsoft's streaming solution might be better and if so, then Stadia won't succeed. Basically it will only succeed if it's a good service so what's there to worry about? Wanting something to fail because it's not from your beloved company is idiocracy. People here worshipping multinational companies. Go do something productive instead.

OB1Biker798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

Admittedly some people overreact or say things they don't really mean. I have nothing against Google. I dont care about the company just like I dont care about Amazon but use their services and products.
However Stadia does sound quite bad if you look into it. Just overpriced with poor delivery of weak service to sum it up Haha
Idk. Even if I was interested in streaming games, which I'm not, it's quite limited. You pay a sub and then you got to pay more? Wtf?

Rachel_Alucard798d ago

Who said Sony or MS is better? You're inserting words nobody has stated and making leaping assumptions. I disregarded the rest of your essay because you just call everyone fanboys despite it just being people that don't think Google will help the market. After having seen what they've done to the other services they ran, I wouldn't expect them to hold long onto it if it fails to kick after 2 years since that's their sweet spot for killing things. You act like worshiping Google puts you above others. You go do something productive.

Gunstar75798d ago

Google are evil. End of.

You just have to see what they've done to youtube and realise that.

They might be a private company but they regularly deplatform / demonitise those who do not share their political views.

I hope they fall flat on their faces

gamer7804798d ago

Stadia is built on a bad premise though, thats how its worse, You can't download your games like you can on xbox and playstation. Even if its service is on par with xcloud, it will fail because of its faulty foundation of streaming only.

798d ago
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Gunstar75798d ago

Google are a horrible company. I hope stadia flops

798d ago
DiRtY798d ago

After launching the PS3 and the Xbox One, how can Google seriously hire Phil Harrison?

It is ridiculous. He was in charge for two of the worst console launches the gaming industry has ever seen. At two different companies.

Some people always land on their feet.

CrimsonIdol798d ago

Because as we saw back with the PS3 he can bullshit to the moon and back and do it with a convincing certainty. he didn't create the bullshit, it's just his job to sell it.

nucky64798d ago

crimson, PH didn't sell me a ps3 - i think the guy is an a-hole. sonys track record of making great games sold it to me.

SheenuTheLegend798d ago

people supported shady practices of Microsoft and look where it brought gaming to PS plus, Xbox live gold and Nintendo online. every console has paid multiplayer now.
same will happen if you support stadia. you will no longer have right to your own games.
the choice is yours.

bluebenjamin798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

We barely own our games now! The games release half finished than you got all these downloads outside of the disc data that take up so much space which means you get a rushed copy of the game not the full! If Sony,Microsoft and etc disconnect you from their services are something happens they can keep that data from you.Gen 7 started the lazy patch work gen 8 lived by it!Ps2,Xbox, Dreamcast and gamecube were the last real consoles, you didn’t need internet you just put the disc in and wallah it works

nucky64798d ago

from the day the ps3 launched till the end of that gen, it outsold the xbox360. and when talking about "worst launches" you ignore the xbox360 RRoD disaster - you have a very odd memory.

chiefJohn117798d ago

When you look at what ps2 did and compare it to PS3 yes it was a bad launch they lost gamers Because of it it. PS3 would've easily hit 100 million+ had it been done right from the beginning.

xX-oldboy-Xx798d ago

Stadia going the way of the Dodo - they'll persevere with it because they bucket loads of cash, but it won't catch on in any meaningful way.

DeeeezNuuuts798d ago

Always heard people say now is terrible bit it's actually not, if you have a good internet provider like I do them it's fine, some People.....

Applejack798d ago

You basically said what’s wrong with it in the first place. If you don’t have great internet, then it’s next to useless. Physical and even digital is way better than streaming games. Zero latency and significantly less data cap issues with the latter options. It can have its place in the industry but it won’t have any real impact until the infrastructure is ready for it everywhere. I’d say that’s more than enough reason to not like it.

LordJamar798d ago

Infrastructure will never be ready for every one cause it’s a shared monopoly by these internet company’s does not mean stuff should be held back streaming will have its place it will be popular

Rachel_Alucard798d ago

"it's not bad bro just don't live in a shit area like 85% of the world!"

LordJamar798d ago

Ok? If you have shit internet don’t use it what’s the problem they can’t even download games or play online any way they have shit internet

Rachel_Alucard798d ago

You can do both of those things fine with most ISPs. With Stadia you need to be getting at least 5.0 mb/s whereas most ISPs only offer 2.0 mb/s as the preffered option which makes Stadia useless.

timotim798d ago

720p/30FPS cap. No new releases. Lots of important games on the service is getting its MP axed by Sony. Can only download PS4 games on a PS4, stream only on a PC.

I won't say it's trash...but it ain't good.

798d ago
timotim798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

Care to explain what exactly isn't true in detail?

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