Could Splatoon be going free-to-play?

With the sun setting on Splatoon 2, could the franchise’s future be free-to-play?

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Servbot41630d ago

There are so many new players daily, it's pretty short-sighted to just end the splatfest without even an announcement of Splatoon 3 much less a release date.

addictedtochaos630d ago

I wouldn’t be surprised if Splatoon ends up being a once a console generation type of game like Smash and Mario Kart.

Sirk7x630d ago

It depends on how long Nintendo plans on supporting the Switch. As long as people are buying it, and software, they'll keep going. I believe it could end up being their longest supported hardware, outside of the Gameboy. Especially if Switch ends up hitting 80 million sold, that's a huge install base for a Splatoon 3, or any other first party title.

Zeref629d ago

That would suck because i never got to experience splatfest

addictedtochaos630d ago

Splatoon 2 isn’t going anywhere. The Splatfests are ending but the multiplayer will remain. To say the sun is setting on the game is just flat out wrong.

King_Noctis630d ago

There isn’t even a single microtransaction in the game. So I don’t even know how it will work as F2P. I also don’t even want the game to be F2P, as there aren’t any reason to do so.

Deathpreacher630d ago

yes to this, need to stop playing fortnite.

Magog630d ago

Only if they bring it to ios and android.

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