Boomtown: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Review

Boomtown writes: "That classic Spider-Man theme music, the one which boasts his ability to do whatever a spider can is actually quite accurate when applied to Web of Shadows. Let me explain: Much like a real spider, Spider-Man can indeed sling a web at any time, and, yes, he can catch crooks much in the same vein as a spider does a fly. But there's one predominant attribute of Spider-Man in his newest outing that is closely intertwined with his arachnid origins: I want to run to my mummy screaming so she can crush it under a newspaper while I cower behind her.

For comic fans such as myself there's an intrinsic thrill in controlling one of Marvel's greatest creations, but the giddiness dissipates with each button depression, and when it does you look at it more as a game and can see only the superficial, repetitive missions, the badly styled cityscapes and the painful voice overs."

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