Guardian Hands on with the BlackBerry Storm

Guardian writes: "First an admission. I have never been a fan of BlackBerry devices. Maybe that's partly because management have never found me worthy of one, but it's mostly because they have always felt 'plasticky' to me. The Pearl was, of course, slimmer than the traditional BlackBerry brick but still lacked a certain physical gravitas, while the Bold just seemed unnecessarily bulky. So the Storm really is a revolution.

Basically the same size as the iPhone - though admittedly about the same weight as the heavier G1 - the Storm just feels more sturdy than many of its predecessors. That said, I never got to chuck it on the floor to see whether my perception of its resilience is warranted and it needs to be, because customers will be stuck with it for two years if they want to get it free from exclusive network partner Vodafone."

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