Phoenix Games reviews Fable II

Four years ago, Peter Molyneux's "Fable" became the prime example of what happens when a game is over-hyped. While the original "Fable" was undoubtedly a great game, the expectations set by the developers at Lionhead Studios left gamers feeling shortchanged after playing the final product.

Peter Molyneux has learned his lesson this time around (at least for the most part) and was careful with the way he divulged information on "Fable 2" to the press. With expectations not nearly as high this go around, "Fable 2" was given the chance to surprise gamers with a compelling role-playing experience.

Lionhead Studios is based in the U.K., so it goes without saying that this game is quite heavy on British humor. From fart jokes to, at times ,down right goofy dialog, much of the charm found in "Fable 2" comes with an acquired taste. In addition, the fairytale inspired soundtrack often reminded me of the "Harry Potter" universe. From the snowy villages to the bright green forests, the atmosphere is what gives this game character.

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