A Fan Has Remade Final Fantasy 7 in Dreams, Fittingly Titled as "FF7 Dreamake"

People have been creating some incredible games within Dreams, Media Molecule's newest title, and a fan has made FF7 by using the creation tools.

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phoenixwing1791d ago

won't be long before people push the game maker engine to the limit when it releases

DarXyde1791d ago

Guess it's time for a Limit Break then.

fr0sty1791d ago

I can't get enough of it. Made my first game over the past week, a remake of missile command for Atari, but modernized with 3D graphics, updated sound, and motion control. This game is a game changer... littlebigplanet was nothing compared to this.

DarXyde1791d ago


That's really encouraging to hear. I lack the spatial capacity and creativity to be a creator, but I'll definitely be in other people's dreams.



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Bebedora1791d ago

This will be an exclusive too

esherwood1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Lol why does that matter too you, just seems like a stupid thing too be happy about. So you’re happy no one else can experience it?

Bebedora1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

The irony. Finally another FF-game seems possible, then it will be on not just an exclusive platform, but the same aswell. Frickin evil irony. I have no quarells with exclusives as long it's coming on my system of choice. lol.

esherwood1790d ago

Loyal to club that anyone with $300 can join

Bebedora1790d ago

Are you? I didn't know. How do I join? You must tell meeee!

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quent1791d ago

Then what's taking Square so long ?, these seems like those UE4 headlines that were popping up all over the place promoting the engine itself

DarXyde1791d ago

Pretty easy to work off an existing template, don't you think?

Kyizen1791d ago

Looks like how the version for the Switch will be

Kaedro1791d ago

No pun intended hahaha XD

XxSPIDEYxX1791d ago

I've played a couple great Final fantasy games in Dreams, but this is insane! This is still freaking Early Access!

roadkillers1791d ago

Is there a list somewhere of the best dreams creations?

hardcorehippiez1790d ago

Just use your filter to find the best or highest rated. Love dreams although all ive done so far is 1 song and a few sculpts and a tiny bit of a walkthrough level. Cant seem to put it down for too long before im picking it up again to try something different. This is definitely a game changer and things will only get better from here.