Square-Enix Shipped Figures for Fiscal Year Ending March 09

Gaming Front: "Square-Enix have released their shipped figures for the fiscal year ending March 09 which includes: Infinite Undiscovery, Dragon Quest V, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and many more."

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Lucreto3659d ago

A lot of games did very well.

It was interesting to see Infinite Undiscovery not doing as well in Europe.

Socom3659d ago

Couple of factors
- Infinite Discovery is an average average game. And Im not kidding you.
- SE has abandoned Sony and thus Europe abandons SE.

Its quite simple actually.

kevnb3659d ago

I guess people just cant except facts...

Simon_Brezhnev3659d ago

maybe they would more money if they ever release a game for the ps3

ZackFair3659d ago

That game is STILL in the top European and American charts for PSP

Saigon3659d ago

or did any one else find the 2 charts confusining...the fist was plane and simple...but the second through me off completely...

Counter_ACT3659d ago

Right click > View image. Their site cuts it off, it makes more sense when you can see the full image. :p

heroicjanitor3659d ago

They haven't released any games on ps3 because they expect to take microsoft's money, pretend it's an exclusive and then release it on ps3 ages later when nobody cares any more and yet they will pretend they are heroes for announcing the ps3 version when it does finally come they will say look we are listening we will give you the games because we are so nice. They want to have their cake and eat it too but those greedy bastards won't get any of my money doing that.

kevnb3659d ago

they have only released a few games on 360 so far anyway. 2 games on 360, but you act like microsoft is paying them all kinds of money to make games for the 360... SE will make a few games for the ps3, they just aren't ready yet. Final Fantasy versus 13 and Kingdom Hearts 3 will hopefully shut people up.

heroicjanitor3658d ago

They have done it with last remnant and i bet my favourite hat it will happen with star ocean it was listed as being on ps3 then they changed it and said it was a mistake which is obviously a lie if they have ps3 code they will use it