Kikizo: Resistance 2 Review

Kikizo writes: "But the best place to fool around with Resistance 2's cabinet of oddities is online. Insomniac certainly hasn't skimped on the features, rolling out entirely separate cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes with their own experience systems, level-specific rewards and modes. Of course, most readers will want to hear about the new 60-player Skirmish matches, a hefty step up from the original's already monstrous engagements. The good news is that the team-based system Insomniac has evolved to keep things from devolving into a maelstrom is a success: on signing in, you're split into pairs of five to eight man squads with rival objectives - capturing or defending a beacon, killing a particular player on the other side, and so on."

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AngryHippo4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago ) far as im concerned a score between 8-10 is a must play for me, the score the reviewer gives the game in between 8 and 10 is all down to preference and personal opinion. One thing is definate though, every score this game has gotten, is no lower than 8 therefore its a fantastic game and if you liked the first one you will love this as its a vast improvement in every aspect. MUST BUY!

Johnny Rotten4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

since scores are becoming more of a feul for flamebait there starting to become less and less irrelevant. I'll take substance of a review over the score anyday, and seeing as how more and more reviews are based on "blog-like opinions" it looks like I'll be relying on forums and friends for input (excluding the few websites that have earned my trust over the years).