Gaming Age: MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Review

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift is everything Gaming Age would have hoped for in a MotorStorm sequel. Sure, it still has some of those quirks found in the original that players may love or hate, but Evolution Studios has put together a well-rounded racer that improves greatly on the original in every way. Lunatics Unite!

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Antan4046d ago

Just picked the game up and i must say im hugely impressed! From a gfx standpoint its absolutely top drawer! Seen 4 tracks so far and the amount of detail and diversity in any given track is simply wonderful. The lighting model for me is just the best ive seen this gen, simply sensational. Tremendous water, smoke, fire/lava. Sparkling general ambient fx, exellent texture work throughout, very consitent. Best of all the framerate is just rock solid! Full marks to Evolution. Gameplay is still pure Motorstorm so im delighted. The best off road racer ever. Pure played its hand but MS2 just trumps it in every department. Do i sound excited? lol. Begining to think some of the reviews are a little ....harsh to say the least. But its my review that counts of course and the game totally rocks!

krakdol4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Yeah, this game is great, and reviews are biased anyway.

Don't trust metacritic either. Look at Gears 2 reviews, you'll see they translated A / A+ from 1UP to 100 (which can't be true or A+ would mean 110), then they translated A- from gaming age on motorstorm 2 to 91... I told them the mistake, they did nothing, of course.

It just doesn't make sense. Most review websites either got paychecks from microsoft or are owned by MS fanboys since mostly they're American.

Anything less than 90 is outrageous for games like Motorstorm 2 or Resistance 2. Gears 1.5 on the other hand, with nothing new and a crappy online with 4 muscular guys on steroids is clearly worth 100 /sarcasm.

Even with their bias, they had to admit LBP is the best game, but really, don't trust any review.

James Vanderbeek4046d ago

a reviewer finally got the right score.. I swear every sites review sounded like this but they still gave the game a low score and even lower than the first.. which doesnt make much sense.. How does a game that does so much more than the first one get a lower score.. And how does pure get higher scores than M2.. Pure was decent but has nothing on this game.. reviewers are so stupid i wish i could punch some of them in their faces.. Too many people go off what they rate a game but i honestly dont think they know what there doing most of the time..

gamersday084045d ago

Motorstorm PR got perfect rating in Amazon from customers. Customers like you and me don't lie.

Most review sites are either paid by M$ or partially owned by M$, that's why they give the game low score.

When I let my friends who are not into console gaming and driving games try out this game, they were quite skeptical and just reluctant to pick up the controllers but they decided to give it a try. After 10mins, they were playing and laughing non-stop and forgotten it's already past dinner time. Time flies when you play great games like Motorstorm PR. In fact, 2 of them were so amazed they asked me how much is PS3 and the game. Motorstorm PR is that good. Get it and show off what your PS3 can do. You won't regret it.