How to tell the new Nintendo Switch console apart from the old one

If you haven’t bought a Switch yet and you plan to do so in the coming months, you’ll have to pay special attention to make sure you end up purchasing the new one and not the old one.

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Knushwood Butt436d ago

By looking at the part number or product number.

Does this really justify an article? Maybe I should set up my own web site.

esherwood436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

That’s pretty much what he talked about and also pointed out the different packaging. I found it useful. It’s not like it was a clickbait article either so why u even bother clicking on it if you weren’t interested

patrick1435d ago

Looking for a little attention.

Knushwood Butt435d ago

I didn't click on it.

It's common sense.

mixelon435d ago

This is such a weird post, why would you assume people know all the same stuff you do already?

I haven’t the faintest idea about the difference in packaging and model numbers etc unless I was to look it up. Having an article repacking that info is exactly the sort of thing the web is for.

Not vouching for this particular article but it’s a good idea for one, regardless.

esherwood435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

Seriously man, why this would trigger you blows my mind. How about stop clicking on articles you know don’t interest you and try not to be such a miserable person

PhoenixUp435d ago

I hope they get rid of as many original models as soon as this one releases

Sirk7x435d ago

That's up to retailers. I doubt they will be recalled for any reason. They'll sell through their old stock first before ordering more.