Gears Of War 2 launch events cancelled out of respect for Brandon Crisp

Load This writes: "Future Shop just got in touch to say they're cancelling the festivities surrounding tonight's midnight launch of Gears Of War 2 in Toronto and Vancouver, out of respect for the friends and family of teen gamer Brandon Crisp. Future Shop stores will still be opening at midnight to sell the game (except in Quebec and bylaw-bound Sudbury, Ont.), there just won't be any of the planned hoopla at the flagship stores in T-dot and Van.

There's still a media and Xbox fan community launch event going on tonight in Toronto (and possibly similar events in other cities); I'll be headed there myself in about an hour. But I guess a public spectacle around the release of a popular multiplayer video game so soon after the Brandon Crisp tragedy didn't sit well with Future Shop, who said the decision was made by the company and their "vendor partner", ie. Microsoft. Who, not coincidentally, had been cooperating with police in the search for Brandon, and had offered a reward for information about his whereabouts."

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Fighter3630d ago

Every store that sells M rated games should ask for ID to verify age or if the parents buy it they should be warned what they are buying. Kids are ruining gaming for all of us because their dumb a$$ parents always blame games rather than question their own parenting when their kids rebel against them. I finally bought a 360 just for this game and was planning to go to future shop and experience the hype and possibly win or get goodies but I can't anymore. I'm still getting the game and I hope it won't affect my LBP time.

fan_of_gaming3630d ago

well i work at Futureshop and we are supposed to check for ID when people buy M rated games. But most of the people at the store i'm at, myself included, don't. why? because we have target sales we are supposed to reach, and i'm not gunna give up $60 of sales volume just because some kid is 16 and not 17.

Anon19743630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

The parents aren't blaming COD4, or the Xbox for their son's death. The kid spent too much time gaming, the parent's laid down the law, took away his console and Brandon ran away. If he had fled out of the house in a rage and been hit by a truck it would have been the same was Brandon's reaction to discipline that ended in the tragic loss of his life. The parent's have never claimed "this is the Xbox's fault." They simply stated that's what the argument was over.
Parents make the ultimate call on what games are suitable for their children or not and, quite frankly I think a 15 year old could handle a Call of Duty 4 or a Halo 3 type game - where I feel games like GTA or Manhunt, Condemned might be a bit much for a 15 year old. The ratings on these games are only guidelines for parents to use in helping them determine what is appropriate for their children.
Personally I don't think Futureshop should have scrapped these events as videogames really had zero to do with Brandon's death. They could have just as easily argued about a curfew, or the amount of TV he watched. Again, it was Brandon's reaction that sadly caused his own death. It's the media that has somehow made this about videogames.

Fighter3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

money is more important than actually giving a f#&k about the well being of society. It happens outside gaming as well and we can do nothing about it. There are kids out there that are mature and can handle the mature contents of these games but then there are kids out there that simply can't. I feel bad for the kid and his family because this is just tragic but imo it could have been avoided.


You could be right, the media does seem to hate our culture of gaming and they seem to blame us a lot for a lot of things we would never do just to have a story.

himdeel3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

...bad parenting and has less to do with video games, the 360, or COD. Parents needs to do their friggen job. Be a parent. Your kids already have enough friends.

IdleLeeSiuLung3630d ago

There are more kids dying from drunk driving (either behind the steering wheel or innocent bystander) than reported deaths resulting from video games. So I think the significance in this is somewhat diminished in the big picture.

I don't want to sound cold, but I strongly believe a lot of this has to do with bad parenting (or neglect) rather than blame video games.

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OldGamer3630d ago

celebrating the release of a game where you kill= bad.

Actively participating and playing said game= good.

Sounds a bit hypocritical to me. I don't really care as I won't be there or even get this game, i'm just trying to make a point.

Mr_Bun3630d ago

You know as well as I do, this is just PR.

nrXic3630d ago

It's pretty obvious, I'm surprised you're even questioning it.

Having an event that will likely involve many under-18 gamers isn't a good thing for retailers or game makers, when it comes to the industry trying to portray a useful ratings system.

Secondly, the media has been quick to point to videogames, when it was only a point of dispute rather than any cause. It could have been a fight over something else, like being able to surf the net, or taking dad's car. But the media has been chanting the game and console as a mantra, putting way too much emphasis on it. Think about it...did we really need to know which game the fight was over? "Call of Duty 4" is what you hear over and over...but in the end does it really matter, other than being his favourite game?

joevfx3630d ago

how is this a "tragedy" the kid ran away own his own merrit and got himself killed. he wasnt kidnapped, no one broek into his house and killed him, he was in an explodign building. i dotn see anythign tragic about a kid thnking he can run away and live on his own in a tent because he coudlnt play video games. usign the word "tragic" for this is disrepectful for people you DID die a tragic death.

Anon19743630d ago

A child dying in a burning building is tragic. A child's life cut short because of a bad decision isn't tragic, it's perfectly acceptable and no one should feel bad?

Here's something that may assist you.

–adjective 1. characteristic or suggestive of tragedy: tragic solemnity.
2. extremely mournful, melancholy, or pathetic: a tragic plight.
3. dreadful, calamitous, disastrous, or fatal: a tragic event.

Any child's death is tool.

Elvfam5113630d ago

and not having respect is disrespectful any kid that dies any way is tragic you idiot if you have kids you grow to love then suddenly dies you think that's not tragic please obviously you have heart for the people that lose family member and close friends

3630d ago
kevnb3630d ago

what is the world coming too? I'm really starting to hate how ridiculous people are getting. Yes the kids death was tragic, but it wasn't the fault of video games. There is no need to cancel these sorts of events, with all due respect the kid ran away because he couldn't get his own way and something bad happened to him.
God I hate this blame anything but ourselves world we live in.

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