Marvel's Spider-Man Tops Batman: Arkham City as Best-Selling Superhero Game Ever According to NPD

In the United States, Marvel's Spider-Man stands as the best-selling superhero game of all-time.

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GaboonViper640d ago

Well done Insomniac Games, well deserved for a awesome game, seems puddlegate didnt hurt the game like Colt Eastwood said it would LMAO.

darthv72640d ago (Edited 640d ago )

Man, I love the batman and spiderman games equally. Such passion and commitment went into them, and it shows.

VenomUK640d ago (Edited 640d ago )

Both are great games, I'm actually surprised Spider-Man is now the bestselling superhero game because it is single format whereas Arkham City came out on multiple consoles so demonstrates it really resonated with gamers.

The first Arkham Asylum was so brilliant because it felt like a real snapshot of being Batman and him doing all his detective things. I've only recently started Spider-Man and am enjoying it and the swinging is just brilliant.

GaboonViper640d ago

Agree, i would love a Black Widow spin off.

AK91640d ago

Who is Colt Eastwood?

GaboonViper640d ago

A maniac Xbox fanboy, one of the worst in the gaming community.

afnanacchaan640d ago

His damage control for Xbox One exclusive is hilarious. It so obvious PS4 had better exclusives. He end up buying PS4.

Dragonscale640d ago

Well it is probably the best superhero game so no surprise really.

telekineticmantis640d ago

infamous 1+2 has my vote, greatest traversal in an Open World game ever.

Krew_92640d ago

I've been getting the itch to replay those games recently. Here's hoping for a remastered bundle soon.

LucasRuinedChildhood640d ago

I hated that Second Son made scaling buildings so automatic. inFamous 1 + 2 were so good.

AngelicIceDiamond640d ago

I agree Infamous takes traversal to a whole new lvl. Hope to see a sequel on PS5.

mandingo640d ago

Definitely not better than Arkham City. Great game either way.

TK-66640d ago

Yeah Arkham City still holds the top spot when it comes to best superhero games. Marvel's Spider-man was good but it's villains weren't weaved into the story as well as Arkhams were. The gameplay of Spider-man was also easily exploitable and become a bore for me. with the first suit ability you get 12 free takedowns at the start of a combat encounter, and if I equip every perk that allows for more focus gain then I get more throughout. In the end half of a fight was just a cutscene. That was pretty much the latter half of the game for me.

Marvel's Spider-man is good but it was a very flawed game. Hopefully the sequel will result in something more polished.

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Blu3_Berry640d ago

Whoa, that's a pretty major accomplishment considering Spider-Man is a PS4 exclusive while Batam Arkham City is multiplat.

I loved Spider-Man PS4, and I cannot wait for the sequel.

Lexreborn2640d ago

Multi-plat while also being cross generational as well. It had 2 gens to get where it is and PC help.... Damn

Bathyj640d ago

PS4 owners support quality games. Still, quite an achievement.

FallenAngel1984640d ago

Would you look at that an exclusive beat a multiplat in sales again

ClayRules2012640d ago

Yeah, this is a really amazing accomplishment. I’m so happy for Insomniac, because they delivered a really good/fun game. Swinging through NYC has never felt so fluid & great. I can’t imagine doing it again on PS5 with the sequel. I’m so anxious lol.

KwietStorm_BLM640d ago

Even though it is Spiderman, it's been out less than a year, and Arkham is multiplatform. That's a pretty big accomplishment. I don't know which is the better game, but it don't really matter. They're both extremely well done and authentic adaptations.

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