Reminder - Halloween Mask and Spacesuit SackBoy available for FREE on the PlayStation Store starting 11/6

LittleBigPlanet News Site: "Just a friendly reminder, both the Spacesuit SackBoy and Halloween Mask SackBoy costumes are available for FREE download exclusively on the PlayStation Store. But don't wait too long, these downloadable contents are only available from 11/6 to 11/19."

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Fighter3659d ago

I can't wait for more DLC especially Solid Snake or will he be called Solid Sack which is just plain wrong. I'm not a fan of costume DLC offerings like many other games but this game is sooooo good and I want to support Media Molecule because they are amazing.

Megaton3659d ago

Well it's the MGS4 Snake, so technically he's Old Sack.

Nitrowolf23659d ago

That still sound wrong

thor3659d ago

To be honest we've got so used to calling him Solid Snake that no one realises that it's actually probably a ruder name than Solid Sack and I bet he got ridiculed at school...

bunbun7773659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

When you combine Solid Snake and Solid Sack?

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somedude58923659d ago

How come different places around the world are getting different costumes?
and will we all get these costumes down the road?

Europe got the week 1 T shirt
and japan got a ape escape monkey.

and all we get is a lame LATE Halloween costume with our space suite?

that sucks IMO