20 Best PS4 Fighting Games You Should Play

Cultured Vultures: We're rattling off some of the best PS4 fighting games that will punch a hole in your wallet. Join us, or we'll dragon punch you into orbit.

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Jimboms96d ago

Can't believe you haven't got Power Rangers Battle for the Grid in there!

Ready4nxtgen96d ago

Thays because the game is all over the place right now. It's fun, cool characters yes and stuff, but u can barely get a match online when you want. I bought the season pass and I still cant use Gold or Pink Ranger

Master of Unlocking95d ago

I've been thinking about getting Injustice 2 definitive edition or w/e it's called, with Hellboy and the Ninja Turtles, but heard it's repetitive because there aren't enough special moves, supposedly. So I wonder if I should get it. The game looks fantastic and very dynamic, and with the extra guest characters it looks fun, but knowing very little about the DC universe apart from Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, I fear it could be money down the drain...