In Depth: Media Molecule On LBP's Genesis And Future

Popular lore always holds that a good many great ideas began on cocktail napkins -- and it seems that's true for LittleBigPlanet as well.

Media Molecule co-founder and programmer Alex Evans was at GameCity to present the event's vision statement, which enjoys the support of BAFTA as well. Evans admitted to a feeling approaching the surreal with the recent release of LittleBigPlanet to worldwide acclaim, as he presented a history of the title -- starting from the formation of the company to the first pitch to Phil Harrison, and continuing through the development of the game to the present release.

"This is probably the first recorded evidence of what would eventually become LittleBigPlanet," said Evans, showing a slide of a sketch on a cocktail napkin. Drawn in 2006, it was an engine design concept -- from the beginning, Media Molecule wanted to translate the idea of the joy of creation into a video game.

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