Final Fantasy VII Remake: Why Did Square Ditch Xbox?

IGN: “As we break in our brand-new studio, our Xbox crew discusses why Square seems to have had a change of plans with regard to an Xbox release of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Plus: the director of Halo Reach has a new first-person shooter, The Division 2's director contemplates a single-player spinoff, Gears 5 says no to smoking, and more!”

blacktiger1821d ago

Sony will never allow that happen even though they don't own it

InflectionPoint1821d ago

Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3. It did happen.

djplonker1821d ago


Final fantasy 14 and kingdom hearts 1.5/2.5/2.8 are on ps4 but not xbox

Doesn't prove anything either way.

SamPao1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

ff14 isn't because they did not allow crossplay (ms)

djplonker1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

The latest expansion just came out 2 weeks ago and its subs are growing.

Microsoft are really into cross platform play now too so I don't see why it isn't on xbox unless square thought it wouldn't do so well.

Magic_Spatula1821d ago

@SamPao The reason why 14 was never on Xbox was because at the time of negotiation with Microsoft, Microsoft didn't support crossplay and that the game on Xbox would require their own servers. Yoshida didn't want that as he wanted everyone on any platform to be able to play together. Apparently Microsoft hasn't changed that policy so until it changes, the game will never come to the Xbox.

bouzebbal1821d ago

What I wanted to say.. These two sold so poorly..

neutralgamer19921820d ago

It will be down the road but won't be soon

Godmars2901820d ago

It didn't happen well enough is the point.

When Square went near exclusive with the 360, put a flood of games on that system instead of the PS3, none of them sold well. That Square half @$$ed those games is besides the point. Meanwhile what was on the PS3 as well sold better.

DarkZane1820d ago

Those were announced before everyone realized Xbox wasn't relevant anymore. Notice how most of AAA games from Japan that SE has released didn't come to Xbox One?

blacktiger1820d ago

we are talking final fantasy 7

shauzy1820d ago

they both happened like last minute or the info got leaked that it'll be on xbox, idk i think ff7 will be on xbox just not announced yet

Juusterey1817d ago

Are you saying FF 15 and kh3 were announced last minute?
cos they were both announced as multiplatform years before they came out

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DillyDilly1821d ago

Its likely exclusive until it completes which will take years given its multi episodes

Pickledpepper1820d ago

I gave you an up vote just because dillydilly lol

1820d ago
Eonjay1821d ago

Square is making easy money. Its a known fact that their games sell better on PS4 so their was nothing to lose by taking whatever Sony gave them. Will it be on Xbox one day? There is a good chance, but there is no reason to believe that they are in a hurry or that it is any time soon.

Segata1821d ago

People said the same about the original.

Eonjay1821d ago

For 2 decades yes. So lets check back in 2040 so you can be vindicated.

Segata1821d ago


This isn't exclusive. How hard is it to comprehend on stage Sony said "play it first on PS4" that's a 1-year deal. It's not exclusive. I have a PS4 but I don't like FF7 anyway but people need to stop pretending this is exclusive when neither has said that.

milohighclub1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )


Since when did "play it first on ps4" mean it's coming to xbox?

It could mean its coming to ps5, pc, switch, mobile...

Nu1821d ago

We need a Chrono Trigger Remake next

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Pedantic911821d ago

They didn't. Technically.

It's very obviously a timed exclusive for PS and to be released later for other systems.

The original only stayed exclusive for around a year and couple of months until the PC version hit the stores.

Elda1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

It stayed exclusive to Sony's PS gaming platform & consoles for 22 years before going on another company's gaming console. PC run games to play but it's not a gaming console.

343_Guilty_Spark1821d ago

Ff7 was exclusive for less than a year because the international version launched in 1997. I remember because I tried to run it on my 486, and couldn't.

2pacalypsenow1821d ago

FF7 came out in Jan 31st 1997 on PS1 and on June 25th 1998 on PC

LegoIsAwesome1821d ago

One year later: "Final Fantasy VII Remake: Why did it release on XboxOne, PC, Switch"

Asuka1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Also One year later: "why Nintendo Switch is the best way to play Final Fantasy 7 remake"

What is really funny is that I'm not even being sarcastic smh...

LegoIsAwesome1821d ago

@Asuka Hahahahha yeahh.

"Why Nintendo Switch is the best way to play all games"

I own a Switch and I love it but those articles always made me laugh.

jaycptza1821d ago

on Switch it would like shite and run like shite too