Japanese Gamers Using DSi Camera for Boob Fondling

Gaming Front: "Oh dear, Nintendo what have you done. The DSi camera was built to enhance the unique gaming experience the DS has to offer, but it seems like that wasn't the only thing that received an upgrade. Nintendo has created an experience that is so unique that it is only possible on the DS. Click on the link to view the rest of the video's."

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To describe how f(_)cked in the head Japanese people are

BrunoM3633d ago

And some how all they make is always something we want .. but it really aint no words

Capt CHAOS3633d ago

it was funny then and it's funny now.

vitz33633d ago

Is never funny.

Fighter3633d ago

I was hoping to see Halle Berry fondled goddamit.

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The story is too old to be commented.