That's What Video Game Characters Would Look like in Their Ripe Old Age

We took famous game characters and ran them through the FaceApp filters to see their older versions

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NecrumOddBoy505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

Franklin becomes the State Farms guy.

Normal Reedus aged looks more photorealistic.

Yes, Ciri is a hot ass old lady.

Sciurus_vulgaris505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

Geralt and Yennefer are both almost 100 years old in the Witcher 3; they're long past being in their 60s.

SyntheticForm504d ago

He's definitely more aged in the most recent game though.

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TeamIcoFan504d ago

Agent 47 would be the scariest of the bunch.
Nothing more dangerous than an assassin who's retired.

504d ago