Mario Kart Needs Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled's Great Grand Prix Mode

CTR: NF's Grand Prix mode has created an amazing post-game for the kart racer that Mario Kart should absolutely borrow from.

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xxShadow-Shockxx871d ago

I feel like all racers in general should do something like crash's grand prix mode

PhoenixUp871d ago

You’d think Team Sonic Racing would especially have a feature like this to make up for the lack of Sega characters by going full on in getting extensively as many Sonic characters in the roster.

However that’s not the case, and it’s roster not only pales in comparison Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed & CTR: NF but the 15 character roster is the same size as the original CTR & original Sonic Riders.

Nitro Fueled in comparison is using the once dormant Crash franchise’s list of characters to the fullest while also including some Spyro characters just to make things sweeter.

Nintendo in particular should be a shamed of themselves if any future Mario Kart has paid DLC. The Pit Stop may have its issues, but it’s still giving away more characters for free than Nintendo did at a cost.