Metal Gear Solid 2's Commentary On America On The Brink Resonates Just As Strong Today

An essay on Metal Gear Solid 2, from a new book collection of Metal Gear Solid essays Okay, Hero.

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DarXyde1037d ago

I really appreciate this article. I've been saying for years that the narrative of MGS2 is severely overlooked, but the political commentary is incredibly pertinent. Arguably, it has the strongest narrative of any game in the series if you come to terms with the parallels between it and reality.

Certainly, the Big Shell and its existence as an offshore battleground eventually crashing into NYC is very in your face in its depiction.

I often tell people to revisit Sons of Liberty. I hope they do. The game has some very insightful ideas, especially for its time.

The Wood1037d ago

The story was ahead of its time. I actually learnt

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ravinash1037d ago

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