Interview: Skies of Arcadia's OST Deserves to be Celebrated & Wayo Records is Putting in the Work

Ed writes: Skies of Arcadia is one of the most criminally underplayed games of all-time. It's well-known as a classic game from the Dreamcast era and its music is arguably its strongest asset.

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Jimboms600d ago

I've heard of the game but never played it, the soundtrack sounds really great!

EdMcGlone600d ago

it's one of the greatest ever in games for me! A classic for sure :) game is amazing too but the music is s-tier.

Jimboms600d ago

Wow s-tier! I've gotta try that out then

UltimateOwnage600d ago

This makes me wish they would do a remaster for Switch. Skies of Arcadia 1 & 2 were both fantastic. The OST is excellent and really shows the quality of Sega’s teams back in the DC era.

Rynxie599d ago

The shipping alone is like $25. The cd is $28. Going to cost a good $53. I like SOA, but not sure I like that price.