Streets of Rage 4 signs original composers

Koshiro and Kawashima join line up of Japanese musicians.

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SegaGamer94d ago

With all of these people involved, the soundtrack has potential to be as legendary as the original.

FlyingFoxy94d ago

Hopefully there's no dumb exploits to get through the game easily, and hopefully there's a high difficulty path or setting with a real challenge.

SyntheticForm94d ago

Oh, the memories. Streets of Rage 2 had such a great soundtrack. I hope they secured the composers from SOR 2.

TheColbertinator94d ago

Koshiro is the man. Every OST of the SNES/Genesis era is never lacking his music on my playlists.

Jls194d ago

was already excited for this game now even more

X-2394d ago

Hearing this news is like a dream come true, literally has been a big concern of mine since the game was announced.

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The story is too old to be commented.