Nintendo announces new model of the original Switch with longer battery life

Last week, Nintendo announced the Switch Lite. The original Switch system is also getting some love, with Nintendo today revealing an updated model.

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PhoenixUp38d ago

How about a new model with bigger internal storage as well?

Neonridr38d ago

that would be a Pro model I am sure..

mikeslemonade38d ago

Who cares about battery. Make it more powerful with a better screen. Then I will trade in my launch Switch and get it.

Neonridr38d ago

@mikeslemonade - based on the people griping here back when the Switch released, I'd say plenty (unless they were just creating drama over nothing since the battery lasts about as long as you would expect for a handheld).

This isn't a new model, it's a revision on an existing one. Much like the PS4 does small little revisions here and there.

mikeslemonade38d ago

The battery can last zero seconds. Don’t care.

abstractel38d ago

How about a v8 instead of an old-a** 4 cylinder? I get that Nintendo fans don't care, but I used to be a Nintendo fan. All the way up to the gamecube. They lost me to Sony/PC.

There are even some decent laptops that can run games at significantly higher quality than the Switch.

If you're happy, just ignore me. It's just the way I feel.

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TK-6638d ago

At this point is it not possible to just go and buy a 200gb or more SD card?

DaMist38d ago

Amazon yesterday had a 400 gb micro sd for about $44, which is pretty good honestly.

MajorLazer38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Yeah, Microsd cards are cheap as piss now. Typically, how big are Switch titles?

iplay1up238d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I bought 5 412 Gigabyte micro sd cards for $25 yesterday for prime day!

Neonridr38d ago

@MajorLazer - well Switch games don't necessarily have to install stuff on storage (unless there is some additional download required), it's not like the PS4 or XB1 that basically have to dump the entire blu ray disc onto the HD. It runs the game off the card for the most part.

The 10th Rider37d ago

Yeah, I have no interest in paying anything for more storage because as card prices are plummeting so fast.

gunnerforlife37d ago

@daMist I actually bought that as soon as I saw it 😂 44 for 400gig was a steal

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Baza38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I’d say Q2 2020 makes sense for a switch pro. Keeps Nintendo’s momentum going right before Sony and MS drop next gen

Sammydoom38d ago

They are going to totally do that. There should be some good trade in bonuses on the older model. I can wait till then.

InflectionPoint38d ago

The switch has little effect on people buying real consoles.

iplay1up238d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Pushing it that far out makes no sense. Switch 2 should come out in. 2 and a half years or less. Now that Swich is Nintendo"s Only system they are developing for. I have a feeling Metroid , will be a launch title, since Nintendo completely trashed the Metroid game that was in development last year.

Father__Merrin38d ago

Nintendo years ago said storage is for nerds

Gemmol38d ago

It’s not a vita 100 dollars on vita get you 32 gig on a switch 512 gig

MajorLazer38d ago

What were Sony thinking with proprietary storage

Outlawzz38d ago

Yea storage is pretty cheap. I only ever bought an 8gb card for vita cus memory was so dam expensive.

TheRealTedCruz37d ago


Their pocketbooks.
They were thinking of their pocketbooks.

iplay1up238d ago

On prime day, I bought 5 412gig micro SD cards for $25 I have almost 2.5 Terabytes on 5 micro cards. I would rather have faster processor, larger screen and 1080p.

Gemmol37d ago

Waste of money I hope you got name brand Samsung or sandisk.......other companies not bad but the memory mess up a little more costing you to lose everything

All you needed is one 512gb from Samsung or sandisk and wait 2 years and the 1tb will drop to 100........two years ago 512 cost over 250 now it’s only 100

Then all you have to do is transfer all your data to the 1tb and your good to go I doubt you need 2tb card by time switch generation finish you won’t fill up 1tb

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Vits38d ago

I assume they managed that by using the same revision of the SoC that is on the Switch Lite. That is pretty great for the normal consumers, however it might also come with some new protections against hack/homebrew software so enthusiasts should be aware.

shaggy230338d ago (Edited 38d ago )

The thing that I dont get though is why do it?

They've just launched the Switch Lite which has better battery life over the base Switch.

This new Switch though has better battery over the Switch Lite.

So it's now a bit tricky, does someone buy the new Switch as a portable only console as it has the best battery life. Or do they go with the Switch Lite, as is smaller but has less battery life.

Why not just cancel this "New Switch" in favour of a "Switch Pro"

davand11438d ago

They're most likely using a newer chipset that's cheaper to produce than the one in the original switch. People will still choose the Lite over this one because of the price and durability. Also, there are a lot of portable only Nintendo fans that the Lite targets.

Vits38d ago

The biggest factor in this kind of revision is cost. This new SoC is likely cheaper to manufacture than the original one, so Nintendo will get more money per unit sold. Plus if the Switch Pro follows the trend with other "pro consoles" it will have tight profit margins. So from the point of view of a company, it makes sense to increase the margins on their other offers.

You can see the same pattern with the Switch Lite. As it eliminated the Joy-Cons that are ridiculously costly; opted for a smaller/cheaper screen and battery; has a casing that requires fewer molds to be made and uses a probably cheaper version of the original SoC.

In the end is all in name of getting more money per console.

Sirk7x37d ago

Manufacturing purposes, as well as security. Gotta be cheaper for them to change to this new chip, otherwise they wouldn't have. And original one is too easily hacked.

RedDevils37d ago

@davand114 more likely they just to stop the switch from getting jailbreak which they screwed up with the Original Switch lol

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mch2011uk38d ago

How about fixing them joy cons?!

DarXyde38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Yeah. For me, the controllers haven't been up to snuff on any of the current consoles: I've broken an Xbox One bumper and worn out my launch DS4's left analog stick.

I've not had the joy-con issue, yet, but I chalk that up to a matter of time. Plenty of people have complained about it.

Kribwalker38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

my left joycon had problems from launch, thankfully i use the pro controller and haven’t had an issue with that one

Eulderink38d ago

my friends joycons couldn't connect at the same time when apart from the switch, so we couldn't play together. He bought a new set but that set also didn't connect properly when not detached. He then did 1 of the old set and 1 of the new set and that worked lmao.

really hope he was just unlucky, cause that is some BS.
even though it seems like that was more a switch problem then the joycon's tbh ^^.

porkChop38d ago

How is this a bad thing? Console revisions are normal.

King_Noctis38d ago

Why? It is console revision. Are you saying no console ever have revision?

stupidusername38d ago

That’s what people said about the PS Pro as well. Once it was out no one really cared.

Emme38d ago

Wait, the improved Switch tgat can be docked has better battery time than the Switch Lite, which is purely for handheld mode ? I fail to see the logic.

Tiqila38d ago

Switch lite = cheaper model
Switch = premium model

Makes sense now?
Btw, they are both portable.

Shiken37d ago

Smaller console, smaller battery. Same new chip...

Logical enough?

Emme37d ago

How do You know the battery is smaller ?

Shiken37d ago

What makes you assume it isn't?

shingojacky37d ago

Switch Lite is lighter and $100 cheaper

Gemmol37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

How you fail to understand regular switch have better battery

It’s bigger it have more space to hold a bigger battery how do you not understand that

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