Circuit City Going Out of Business - List of Stores and Deals

Over a hundred and fifty Circuit City stores are closing up shop. The silver lining to this cloud is that everything is marked down greatly as it literally comes down to "EVERYTHING MUST GO!" My store personally had everything 10% off, including all Video Games, Consoles, and even MS Point cards and Nintendo Point cards. Check the list and see if you can pick up something before the general public finds out about all these deals.

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thereapersson4051d ago

The one that's closest to where I live isn't going out of business though... guess I won't be able to take advantage of any consolidation sales.

TheDude2dot04051d ago

Is it at every store or just specific ones? Because every CC that is closing by me has a Best Buy right across the street.

I say good riddance though. The employees were not helpful at all.

joydestroy4051d ago

yeah circuit city employees suck ass. they're like the ghetto version of best buy imo.

Nineball21124051d ago

That sux, but I might be able to snag some good deals too!

Voozi4051d ago

Oh wow I bought my HDTV from CC as well as the warranty from their...

*checks list and goes to store locator*

Nope the one I got my TV is still there phew! lol

joydestroy4051d ago

uhm, i'm pretty sure they would still have to honor your warranty. that would be grounds for a law suit if not.

YoMeViet4051d ago

the one where i live is out, just went there 30 mins ago and all the cheap mp3 players are sold, only a few Ipod clip things and alot of Zune left. I wanted to buy a new bluetooth headset there but only the verizon store in there had em, the store itself didn't sell bluetooth headsets and they were not 10% off D:

P.S. I went to Best Buy next door and got a $25 headset :D

Aclay4051d ago

It's sad to see Circuit City close up so many stores and see so many people loose jobs.

To be honest, I've never shopped at Circuit City in my life. For electronics I always choose BestBuy or shop Online.

I live in N.C. and I'm surprised to see that there's just 1 Circuit City store being closed down in the whole state because I was thinking there would be stores closing than that in N.C.

joydestroy4051d ago

i'm in NC too man, charlotte. i'm gonna be going up to that store to see what they have. i need some new computer equipment :D

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