Glorious MGS4 PS3 re-listed; interview with the makers

From PS3 Attitude: "You may remember the amazing and beautiful MGS4 PS3 designed and built by Morpheon Mods.

You may also remember that the resulting eBay auction, with 15% of the proceeds going to charity, ended in selling for an incredible $17k.

Unfortunately, the winning bidder has not paid up, so Morpheon are doing the whole shebang again..."

New eBay listing and interview with the creators after the jump...

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Fishy Fingers3631d ago

"We never discuss whats next but there is a certain Greek mythology game coming out next year that we feel will be very popluar… "

Looking forward to seeing what they'll do with God of War. Sony should of airbrushed Snake on the LE MGS bundles.

thereapersson3631d ago

Sometimes I wonder if people really realize what they are getting themselves into when they enter into "charity auctions"....

anh_duong3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

yeah i got this nigerian guy who once bid me $1000 for my old nokia phone.. he also told me his dad was the former dictator of swaziland and needed my help to put 5 millions usd into my account..

i am not sure whether i should help him... he sounds like such a nice guy.

DolphGB3631d ago

And especially when you realise the 100+ hours that went into making this PS3 in the first place, combined with the charity stuff.

It's deplorable.

Morpheon really deserve a lot of attention for this mod - it's beautiful.

Danny_D3631d ago

Most of us tend to forget the commitment and dedication needed for such a task. And to be willing to give to charity on top of that? Marvelous.