Top Ten Games of 1999

The end of the millennium saw Nintendo gather all its greatest characters for an all-out slugfest, the most influential MMO of all time and arguably the only good 3D Sonic game.

But for all of that, gamers also were given the steaming turd that was Superman 64.

Oh, and the public got to see their first glimpse of what would become Halo. At Macworld.

All in all, 1999 was a great way for the industry to close out a millennium. Binge Gamer counts down the top ten games of 1999 as they continue their trek to their top ten games of 2008 list on December 31st.

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PacoDG3633d ago

Crazy Taxi made the list, all is right with the world.

(Should have been higher though!)

Perjoss3633d ago

Never played sonic adventure or smash bros, so I cant comment on those, but apart from that the list is pretty much dead on. System Shock 2 ftw, and as much as I hate to admit it, I did spend a lot of time in Norrath, damn Evercrack.

mazirjones3633d ago

the CS section (#4) is a Hey Arnold! reference, then I freaking love this site.

bviperz3633d ago

No Resistance 2 in shooter section? Whaaaaaaat?

INehalemEXI3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Everquest took years off my life. Even lost a non gamer wife. Wised up and got with a AAA gamer chick. Good times , good times.

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