Disney’s latest VP wants to ‘pair amazing developers and publishers with the best IP in the world’

Disney has hired former PlayStation executive John Drake as VP of business development and licensing.

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rdgneoz3924d ago

So EA won't be making any more Star Wars games after the next one?

harmny924d ago (Edited 924d ago )

I don't know the licensing contract but I hope so

BlackIceJoe924d ago

With how many great movies Disney has brought out you'd think they'd have their own first party video game studios, but for whatever reason they've decided against making video games and license their properties instead.

ThinkThink924d ago

They used to but they couldn't never really get it right and burned a bunch of cash in the process.

BlackIceJoe924d ago

I understand they did in the past, but that doesn't mean they should just give up. I still remember the Pirates of the Caribbean game they had that was going to be inspired by Fable, but with a Pirate twist. I just think Disney wants immediate results and was their problem, because all the games they had in development when they quit the industry were the kinds of games people wanted Disney to work on in the beginning.

harmny924d ago

Yes. It's strange. And they have millions of people going to their parks. Imagine having their own studio to do all kind of gaming experiences

BlackIceJoe924d ago

I definitely feel like that is big missed opportunity on Disney's part. I can only imagine what a Pixar inspired game could be like, if Disney would let the studio go wild.

A lot of people know this, but many people that work in animated movies also work in video games, so with all the studios Disney owns they should be able to bring out some great games.

AK91924d ago

What did this guy do at Sony? Not criticizing the dude but genuinely curious, I'd like to know what he's got on his portfolio to see if he's capable of doing the things he is claiming here.

badboyz09923d ago

better not be EA ever!!!!