Gears 5 official tech test trailer shows off arcade mode, takes place this weekend

The Gears 5 official tech test trailer has been released, showing off what players can expect to see in Arcade mode, a new mode that allows you to earn points and get new guns on the fly.

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AngainorG7X96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

And this is just 1 of the total 11 modes... This game is gonna be pure sex

spicelicka95d ago

11 modes wtf! i didn't know that.

DaDrunkenJester95d ago

Looks amazing. So the trailer confirmed there will be environmental dangers in the maps. Marcus freezing in that puddle and such. I wonder what else they have planned.

DaDrunkenJester95d ago

Also seems like they confirmed the Hammer of Dawn is back.

TK-6695d ago

Also a new mechanic in the trailer. You can now vault grab an enemy and make them a meatshield. This is awesome because vault grab felt like it kinda isolated you in a 2v1 fight but that's a great addition.

Kribwalker95d ago

can’t wait for this one to come out.

Livingthedream95d ago

Game looks fucking amazing!!!! Well done coalition!

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spicelicka95d ago

I like that they didn't overhype this game. Now everything they show is looking better and better.

Nu95d ago

Wow made it look epic and badass

spwittbold95d ago

This trailer was far better than the last few things they've showed. This could be good, I just hope we don't experience the same crap network in multiplayer that we did in Gears of War 4 from the start. Was such a garbage system.

deadfrag95d ago

Too bad all Gears games since the first One had very bad network!The reason Gears never was a top tier MP game was due to all the cheating that was made possible by the crap network...dont expect six to BE any better.

DaDrunkenJester95d ago

It's been confirmed all servers are dedicated and 60hz

81BX95d ago

Looking at you Modern Warfare...

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The story is too old to be commented.