Street Fighter IV - Seth Gameplay trailer

Capcom published a new Street Fighter IV trailer featuring Seth. Enjoy.

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Tacki4053d ago

I'll be honest - the guy looks like an aspiring underwear model.

But his moveset does look pretty neat. Especially that attack when he sucks his opponent into his marble stomach... thing. I assume that's his ultra. It appears as though he's a mixture of several characters. I noticed similarity in moves to Ryu, Dhalsim (and maybe M. Bison), Abel, Zangeif (or El Fuerte) and perhaps more. It's interesting... but I worry about balancing issues. I understand he's the final boss... but he could be one of those characters that has a considerable, unfair advantage. We shall have to see.

Mainman4052d ago

This game, is it gonna be released on PSN/XBL? Or is it gonna be disc-based?

I hope it will be via PSN/XBL though.

Tacki4052d ago

It will be disc-based. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, however, will be available through PSN/XBLA probably this month though.