What is Your Favorite Final Fantasy Combat System ?

From Destructoid: "The Final Fantasy VII remake is a perfect example of Square Enix’s core design philosophy when it comes to the series combat systems -- which is to say, there isn’t much of one. Sure, the series has its roots in “traditional” RPG battle systems, but this franchise has reinvented the foundation of its main gameplay challenges more times than any other JRPG. That’s at its most apparent looking with Final Fantasy VII, a turn-based game with a slight real-time twist, and its remake, a real-time action game with a slight turn-based twist."

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Zayne-Z66804d ago

The story is complete trash, but X-2 has one of the best combat systems in the franchise.

Chriswynnetbh804d ago

Was gonna say this exact same thing. Probably the best iteration of ATB in any FF game. Not to mention they brought back jobs and also give you the option to switch jobs on the fly mid combat. It's a shame they wasted it on such a terrible game story wise.

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