Devil May Cry on Nintendo Switch is Still a Classic, Even When It Shows Its Age

As Dante's first adventure, Devil May Cry on Nintendo Switch is an intriguing look back at gaming history, even with its notable flaws.

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PhoenixUp744d ago

It’s seriously so stupid that Capcom would just release DMC1 by itself on Switch rather in a collection.

What’s even more stupid is that this port of one title costs $20, same price you could get the entire trilogy on other platforms

Cmv38744d ago

Be happy they even put the game on the system. I highly doubt its going to sell well enough to even justify the choice, but they did it anyways.

porkChop744d ago

Yeah I don't think it'll sell that well. The price is too high for what it is, and it's only one game. Either do it right or don't do it at all.

TheHateTheyGive744d ago

Ill beat everyone to the inevitable "its best on switch because its portable" drivel.

Knushwood Butt744d ago

Portable, and poor cost performance.

masterfox744d ago

man I have the urge to buy a Switch now!!!...............yeah right.

AK91744d ago

Still kinda silly DMC 3 and 4 aren’t available on switch they could both run on the system easily.